Looking After You.

We look after you all the way – from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

Looking after you every step of the way

We look after you all the way – from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave so that you can enjoy the security of tailor made arrangements without losing any of the adventure. We arrange travel and transfers using carefully selected drivers, hotels stays and city visits to complement the wonderful stays with the village communities. All transfers and rail journeys to the villages are included. Guests make their own arrangements for international flights.
"This remains one of our very best holidays and we shall always remember all the wonderful people we met, the kindness we received and how much it challenged our thinking and emotions in so many ways. We can't thank you all enough."

Welcoming village hosts

There is a network of people involved in making your Village Ways holiday a success. Most important are the village communities with whom you stay. Each village owns and manages the village homestays, typically a specially constructed or restored village guest-house. The village homestays are run by a village committee. Local people cook and serve meals, and also introduce you to themselves and their way of life. Guides and porters as well as cooks and cleaners are all important part of the team.

Expert reservations team

Our holidays are carefully put together by our dedicated team and are designed to make the most of your stay in our partner villages. Guests enjoy talking with Madhu, Sandhya and Manisha. With good local knowledge they are expert at putting together tailored itineraries and are always happy to talk through travel options and make suggestions to create the perfect holiday. All of our suggested holidays can be tailored to fit you – add an extra night in the villages, add a visit to the Taj Mahal, make a Village Ways stay a short add on to your existing travel plans, combine stays in two different regions – completely flexible. Village Ways is led by Manisha Pande, founding Managing Director, who is a leading light in the fast-growing responsible tourism sector within Asia.

Knowledgeable local guides

Our guides, all from our partner communities, are the often unsung heroes of our trips. They are so important to making our holidays an enjoyable, inspirational experience. The guides come from in and around our partner villages and share their knowledge and passion for their community. They accompany you throughout your village journey, introducing you to the area, flora & fauna, local traditions and to the people you meet during their stay. They have learned to be discreet and unobtrusive.

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Reassuring local co-ordination

We make sure that everyone with a role in the village homestays receives good training, and this is much appreciated by all involved. There is ongoing monitoring of how the benefits are spread around the households, and investment is put into ensuring guesthouses are maintained and improved.
A local person is engaged as ‘Coordinator’ for each area where we work. These ‘Coordinators’ form the vital link with our community partners, helping to ensuring that our standards are maintained, logistic arrangements are efficiently made and that guests experience inspiring holidays.

International Expertise

In the background, we have a team of founder directors and specialists based in India and beyond who work to promote Village Ways in a variety of ways, bringing in expertise in a variety of fields, including international development, responsible tourism, marketing and finance. To find out more about our work, see