Making Meaningful Connections

Why Choose Us?

Inspiring and delighting guests, and helping build a future for rural communities

The beauty of experiencing traditional village life

For over 20 years now, we’ve worked in partnership with very special villages across India to help sustain village life through low impact, responsible tourism. Above all, our aim is to provide great holidays that inspire and delight our guests, while providing village communities with an additional income stream and job opportunities.

We’re proud to have helped so many guests have wonderful and authentic experiences, and at the same time improved living standards, reduced migration to the cities, and created fulfilling jobs in their home villages for local people.

By adopting the principles and practices of Responsible Tourism, we’ve done our best not only to minimise the impact of tourism on our planet, we’ve also supported and initiated projects that have made a positive difference to people, flora and fauna.

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Truly responsible tourism that brings positive impacts

Since we started Village Ways over 15 years ago, we have won numerous awards for our unique approach. Positive, sustainable tourism is in our DNA. Guest visits leave our communties better off, both economically and socially. We limit environmental impacts at every stage. We use local materials, and local labour, in the construction of new buildings, or refurbishment of existing buildings. We employ low-usage water systems in areas (like the Himalayas) increasingly vulnerable to water shortages, and use solar power for water heatings and lamps in communities that remain ‘off grid’. We encourage crop diversification so that communities grow crops for guests, at a time when failure of traditional crops due to drought is an increasing issue. Importantly, we work at a local and regional level to help communities find solutions to problems that are already happening due to the climate crisis. We use, wherever possible, rail travel rather than cars or internal flights, for guests, and Indian trains are very much a part of the overall holiday experience!

We provide ongoing training for everyone involved in the tourism enterprises, and also arrange visits to other partner communities – often, the first time villagers have traveled away from their local areas. We encourage gender equality, and the representation of minority castes and peoples on the committees that manage the enterprises.

"This remains one of our very best holidays and we shall always remember all the wonderful people we met, the kindness we received and how much it challenged our thinking and emotions in so many ways. We can't thank you all enough."

Connecting you to rural life

Village Ways trips bring you into welcoming villages in unspoiled regions of India to experience the ancient rhythms of life in these special places. Our local guides help you connect and interact with your hosts, and you stay in our unique village home stays, where you are hosted by communities and enjoy delicious local cooking. In a time when many places are struggling with the challenges of over tourism, our communities would love to welcome more guests, who bring such benefits to the hosts. With Village Ways, your holiday is truly a force for positive change.





hosts, villagers and our guides; what delightful folk

Everyone was so keen and eager to please, the housekeepers, cooks, porters - no exception; all friendly, kind and caring. We were overwhelmed by everyones kindness and warm hospitality. Our guides Sima and Tensing, were both attentive and friendly and their sense of fun infectious.
~ Helen P