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The Rajathan Desert Life Experience

Discovering the real rural India

The Rajasthan Desert Life Experience

The dramatic landscape of the Thar Desert lends itself to gentle adventures, like camel riding, desert walking, and, all the time, animal and bird spotting. All with expert guides of course, who can also take you to the amazing 1,200 year old temple complex at Osian, and do some sand dune riding on the way. This is the perfect location to switch off and embrace your surroundings, savouring every moment.

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Round Jhumpa Cottages

You stay for 3 nights in traditional accommodation, a Jhumpa, the extraordinarily different thatched, round sandstone houses with mud and straw floors that have been proven to cope really well with desert living for many centuries. It’s all part of the adventure and the experience because your Jhumpa has no electricity – you have solar lights for night time – simple twin beds with mattresses, and a separate Jhumpa housing a private bathroom, so you can even get a bath. Meals are based on local recipes, locally sourced ingredients, and updated traditional cooking methods – and you can watch meals being prepared if you’d like to learn how it’s done.

You have the freedom of the village, and you will quickly realise that the villagers are happy and satisfied, and far from envious of city lifestyles. As the accommodation is community owned, and all staff are local villagers, your stay is contributing to villagers’ financial welfare. Responsible Tourism principles and practices are followed, and sustainability is a priority, so altogether your stay will be doing much good.

A guided village tour and a camel ride are included, and you can add paid-for activities according to your interests in advance, or book locally, subject to availability.

Life in the sands

There is so much life on these desert fringes, including blue bulls, desert foxes, dancing peacocks, green bee-eaters, spotted owlets, and even Demoiselle cranes. Then there’s the villages, fields of millet, fruit trees, sheep, goats, milk, yoghurt, and foraged foods. A whole pantry full of food if you know where to look, and what to grow. It’s a challenge – there’s no doubt about that – but it’s a challenge generations of villagers have been meeting head on for centuries with ingenuity and determination, and now it’s your chance to discover how they do it – and why. It’s an eye opening experience, and the perfect antidote to city life, especially between October and March.

Getting here

Hacra, with a population of some 30 households, is one of many small hamlets (dhanni) that lie in a largely untouched area of the semi-desert region of Western Rajasthan, some 70 km NW of Jodhpur.  It is a 30-minute drive along a rural road and sand track from the small market town of Osiyan.

Transfers from Osiyan, Jodhpur or elsewhere are available on request, and we can also arrange for train journeys. Book in advance for our negotiated rates.

The Rajasthan Desert Life Experience

3 Night Stay
What's Included
  • Exclusive use of your own Jhumpa with twin beds, and a separate shower/bath room with toilet
  • 3 meals a day featuring locally grown, seasonal produce
  • Guides for all your activities
  • A local camel ride
  • Guided tour of the village taking between one and three hours depending on you
  • GST
Short Break


 PARTY 3-6
Per person

Prices coming soon

"The desert tells a different story every time you venture on it." - Robert Edison Fulton Jr

Moderate walking

Mixed Terrain


Where In India?


The area lies in the middle Himalaya region, in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand State. The villages are spread out along the gentler middle slopes of the upper valley, high above the Saryu River. The villages are surrounded by terraced fields, waterfalls, rhododendron forest and open pastures, with spectacular views towards the high Himalaya massif of Trisul, Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot.